Monday, July 1, 2013


I decided to move my blogging life over to tumblr after running another blog there for the past nine months. This will still exist and I will be putting all new work there, but I won't be updating anymore

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Visual Journalism (round 3)

Playing around with my visual journalism sketchbook pages, the way I draw in that class is so different so it's interesting to try and work into them, although proving difficult (especially with the second one. I tried applying my normal way of working to the sketch and it's kind of a strange combination. going back and forth with how I feel about it)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Thesis Spots (examples)

After messing around my food illustrations for a few weeks I ended up changing the way I was working and am currently much much happier with what I am doing
Here is an example of some of the little spots and illustrations that will be working with the text

Anthropologie Internship

I had deleted this post awhile back but now that it has been some months since this was all done and made I thought it safe to post it
Some of the work I did in my Anthropologie internship this past summer

 The day I discovered that despite my horrible handwriting, I could in fact do hand-lettering

 Hours of paper clipping stringing later

Learned I could make paper shirts

Monday, March 11, 2013

1950's "B" Movie Characters

A somewhat cleaned up version of the monster that I posted last night, Joe, Betty, Guy at Generating Plant, Gramps, and Derek (could they have given them more generic names?)
We had to work only from a 90 second audio track, I don't even know which movie this is actually from yet, it was really interesting trying to design character with so little information (other than 50's and the things they were saying, some of which was very little)
Going to try and clean some of these up and get them colored and up on my website sometime during spring break (probably Betty, the monster, and maybe one of the dudes with a bit of reworking)

Bat Monster

For storyboarding we had to design 6 characters (5 human, one monster) based on a 90 second audio clip from a 1950s "b" movie.  The only information given about the monster is that it's from a cave... sooo bat inspired monster was created
Will most likely post up the sketches of the 5 human characters tomorrow